My Speedy Gonzalez Breakfast.

Oh boy, I love breakfast. It's by far my favorite meal and I love that you can get so
creative with it! Today, I'm showing you guys my super fast and super yummy 
breakfast, which you can prepare and eat in 1-2-3. Wanna have a look?

What do you need?

  • 150 grams of low-fat yoghurt, unsweetened
  • some stevia - own taste
  • 1 banana
  • 60 grams of raspberries
  • granola - mine is home-made, the recipe will be up very soon!

How do you have to prepare this? Layer, scoop and eat! It's literally as 
simple as that. Cutting up your banana and decorating it until you find it 
decent enough to publish on Instagram probably takes up most of the time
making this breakfast. 

This is also a great pre-workout breakfast, or snack (if you're going to the 
gym later on), since the granola and the banana give you a punch of energy. 

P.S I could probably eat my bodyweight in berries, they're so tasty, aren't they?

What's your favorite breakfast? 

Fientje VH

Fientje is a healthy food blogger who loves a good chocolate dessert and some oats. On this blog, you can find some new recipes, so you can fill your bellies!

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