Hi, and welcome to my Personal Fitness & Food blog "Fit Food Road".

Fit Food Road launched March 1st and gives you information on all things fitness, gym,
running, fit fashion,... you name it, we have it. As you have read in the beginnen of this
"About Me"-section, this is a personal blog, a personal road to health & happiness.

My name is Fien, I'm 21 years old and, I live in Belgium and, clearly, obsessed with
everything health-related. I started my journey almost 2 years ago and am still going
strong. Because I enjoy cooking healthy dishes and because I simply love to work out,
 I decided to dedicate a website to this passion.

Fit Food Road will be updated every other day, so you have about 15 new posts to read
every single month, how fun is that!

I hope you have lots of fun reading all my thought and most of all, I hope I can inspire

See you soon!

Lots and lots of love. 

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