Hi, and welcome to Fit Food Road!

I am so excited to welcome you all to my brand new blog: Fit Food Road. In today's very first post - how exciting does that sound?! - I'm going to tell you guys a little bit more about myself and about the blog. Wanna have a read?

About Me.

  • Name: Fien
  • Age: 21
  • Country: Belgium

Yes, that's right, I am from Belgium! Although Dutch is my native language, I decided
to do every single post on this blog in English. As I have studied languages in secondary
school, and I still have quite an intensive course of English at uni, I don't think the
language will be a big problem. Another reason why I decided to write in English, is because
I want to motivate as many people as possible and I want to reach as many people as possible. 

I love everything that has to do with health and sports, but I'm also a bit of a girly girl, so I
do like my fashion and beauty bits. I first came in contact with sports through school, as you
have some hours per week where you have to perform sports, but at the age of 11, I started
 doing equestrian. For all those people who think that equestrian isn't a sport, you have never
 been so wrong in your life. You actually burn loads of calories and your muscles have to
work really hard. Because my horse got an injury when I had him for 3 years, I was around
16 at that time, we had to sell him, since he couldn't do any heavy exercises and we couldn't
give him the space he deserved after teaching me almost everything. So we decided to bring
 him to a young couple with 2 kids who absolutely love to pamper him. 

I then stopped doing sports for a couple of years, because I couldn't find anything that gave
 me the same satisfaction. Until I found the gym, running and the different things you can
do with it. I love this so much, that I decided to start a blog about it: Fit Food Road.

Fit Food Road.

Now, on which topics will you be able to find information on this blog? As you can
probably tell, my blog is divided in a couple of sections, let's run through them!


  • Fitness. I love going to the gym a couple of times a week and really sweat my bum off. In this section I will let you in on my favorite exercises as well as giving you some tips and tricks. 
  • Running. I have loved running for years and years, and I will share my love for this sport in this section. I will be talking all things equipment, progressing,... and so on.
  • Other. Well, as the title of this section suggests, you will find everything else about workout out itself in this section if it doesn't really go with the categories mentioned above.


  • Breakfast. I have always LOVED food, so of course it had to be a topic on this blog. In the very first section, I will talk about my favorite types of breakfast, I will give you guys some tips, and we can all share our favorite recipes!
  • Main. Main stands for lunch & dinner recipes.
  • Snacks. Who doesn't love a good ol' snack! I certainly do, and although I like to treat myself sometimes, there are loads of healthy options as well. 

With all of that being said, I hope you find all these topics interesting and I look forward to writing so many blogposts for you all in the future!

Have a lovely day,

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Fientje VH

Fientje is a healthy food blogger who loves a good chocolate dessert and some oats. On this blog, you can find some new recipes, so you can fill your bellies!

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